Anonymous: Yes, Big Z has a secretary. Apparently she's not the easiest to scare, either.

Tch. Well, He’s rather overrated.

 I do my best to ignore the big bad eldritch lord.


I would silence myself if I were you omnipotence…

Good thing you’re not.

ladieS? multiplE?
Well, I am very attractive. Doesn’t mean I’m all over them. Not that it would be an issue, take you for example.

Ugh, YOU TOO?!

Tch. Stupid Eldritch lord.

You’re just jealous that I have far more interest from the ladies. That’s alright, I’ll remember this.



Yeeessss?~ Hello my sexy angel~






 HE has a secretary?! 

This is royal. Fucking royal. Lets see how long the mortal lasts. 

You best shut your mouth. I’ve already gone through enough ignorance today, I did not need your input, Omnipotence. 

nO fightinG.

we’vE gonE oveR thiS.

I’m done. 

Heh, Calm your precious head, Zalgo. I’m not going to fight.

besides, it’s hardly a fight between a stick like him, and me.


 HE has a secretary?! 

This is royal. Fucking royal. Lets see how long the mortal lasts. 

frostbitteneyes: OriuS? ...I misS yoU...

Shivra? Hey, lovely. 

 I miss you too, as soon as I’m done with this quota I’ll head up to your new place. If space will fucking tell me where it is already…

…hmmM… welL… perhapS nexT timE yoU oughT tO finD ouT thE wholE storY beforE takinG actioN.

Excuse me, I’ll stay out of your business then. 

 I’ll just leave you with Space next time you get fucked up from drinking.

frostbitteneyes: nO, hE diD noT. thaT waS someonE elsE, I supposE yoU confuseD theM foR theiR similaR nameS. mighT I reminD yoU, aS welL, thaT I aM A fullY capablE adulT anD dO noT neeD yoU tO babysiT mE? thaT includeS botherinG otheR entitieS oN mY behalF.

Shivra, I’m only being protective of you because I love you, okay? 

 In case you forgot, he recently kidnapped you…

I’d rather not lose you again….